Toyota Roadside Assistance

Toyota Roadside Assistance | 1-888-869-6828

Whether you're travelling to your corner store in Aurora, through the USA or the rest of Canada, our Toyota Roadside Assistance is here for peace of mind. Toyota service teams work around the clock so we're here when you need us.

Toyota Roadside Assistance Info

Benefits of the Toyota Roadside Assistance:

  • Mechanical Breakdown or Accident Towing
    To your preferred Toyota dealer within 50 km or closest dealer within 300 km, or, in the case of an accident, to your dealer or an Accident Reporting Centre (if required by your Municipality).
  • Battery Boost
    In the event that your Toyota fails to start after a boost, it will be towed according to your Mechanical Breakdown towing benefits stated above.
  • Lockout Service
    If you have locked your keys in your vehicle, Toyota Roadside Assistance will dispatch a service facility to attempt to gain entry into your vehicle. (Cost of labour and/or replacement keys not included.) In the event that access cannot be gained, your vehicle will be towed according to your Mechanical Breakdown towing benefits stated above.
  • Fuel Delivery
    In the event that you run out of fuel, Toyota Roadside Assistance will deliver gasoline to your stranded vehicle. (Cost of gasoline included up to 5 litres.)
  • Tire Change
    If you have a flat tire, your usable spare will be installed. (Tire repairs are not covered.)
  • Winching
    If your vehicle becomes immobilized in a ditch, mud or snow, Toyota Roadside Assistance will arrange to have your vehicle winched on to the nearest roadway. The vehicle must be accessible and located on, or adjacent to, a regularly traveled roadway. (This benefit does not apply to vehicles immobilized in a snow-covered driveway or parking lot.) In the event that your Toyota is unable to proceed under its own power after winching, it will be towed according to your Accident towing benefits stated above.

In addition to your standard roadside assistance benefits mentioned above, you'll also continue to have access to travel assistance from Toyota, including trip interruption benefits and personalized travel planning services.